Scroll to the bottom right and find the blue full screen button!

Feedback very much welcomed, also this is available on windows and Xbox!

Sebastian's Adventures, a magic use who roams the world leveling up and collecting loot. World maps, bosses, and lots of mobs to fight. With satisfying effects and sounds. Focus is end-user enjoyment! Planning to release on both PC and Console in the fall of 2021.

  • In this demo you can experience the current leveling system and rewards you earn by defeating enemies. The game is compatible with Xbox One controllers and keyboard. 
  • Keyboard Controls :
  • Move - Arrow keys
  • Jump / Portal Use - Up key
  • Spell 1 - Key 1  / Mouse Left 
  • Spell 2 - Key 2 / Mouse Right
  • Spell 3 - Key 3  / Q
  • Refill mana - Key 4 / E
  • Open NPC - Tab
  • Pause Menu - ESC

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